Spyran Range


The real taste of food.

Available in 50 gms, 100 gms, 200 gms & 500 gms packs.


Pure & Authentic taste of all pickle varieties. Purely Gujarati taste.

Available in 400 gms & 450 gms pack.


Single Mari & Double Mari Papad:-

Purely made up with pure Udad dal and Mari.

Garlic Papad:-

Available throughout the year in “Spyran”brand only.

Jeeramari Pappd:-

Without Asafoetida (Hing).

All available in 250 gms packs.


Asam CTC Leaf Tea.

Available in 250 gms & 500 gms packs.

Rice Papdi:-

Rice Papdi, Rice Papdi – Garlic & Rice Papdi – Rajwadi

“Spyran” is the only brand that provides branded papdi.

Available in 200 gms packs.