Piquant Pistachios

Pistachio, or Pisticia vera, is a nutty cracker nut that belongs to the cashew family and gorws in the Central Asiatic region as well as the Middle East region. This nut is produced as a seed on the tree of pistachio. A primitive food item, pistachios are still the most loved nuts among all ages mainly because of the way one has to eat them- pop open the outer shell and eat that you find inside.

Interestingly, pistachios have their exclusive share to legends – it is believed that queen of Sheba declared pistachios as an exquisite royal food and issued a diktat to the plebeians not to grow them for personal use. Muslim legend believes that pistachio nut was one of the foods that were brought by Adam.

They mostly grow in desert regions and are highly tolerant to salt and can grow very easily under abundant salt presence (as high as 3000-4000ppm of salt) - a characteristic rarely exhibited by any plant. Due to its habitat, pistachios are salty and therefore give a tongue-tickling feel which makes them delectable.

Nutritional information

A 100 gm of pistachio has 562 calories and has a total fat of 45 gm; that is equivalent to 69% of the daily recommended intake of fats. Pistachio has 0% cholesterol, 29% potassium and 30% magnesium. Dietary fiber constitutes 40% of the daily dietary fiber intake. Protein is 20 gm that is equivalent to 40% daily protein intake.

Pistachio from a health point of view is a very beneficial one, especially for those looking to lose weight. We look at other benefits too:

  • Weight loss is the most popular reason why people have these nuts.
  • Lowers cholesterol; promotes heart health.
  • Unsalted pistachios help in decreasing hypertension.
  • Reduces LDL oxidation.
  • Elevates plasma levels.
  • Makes you feel satiated; great way to cut down on food.

Pistachios are eaten whole, either roasted or salted, in ice creams, chocolate, halva or we have them just like that. Even the shells of pistachios have a lot of uses. Must say, pistachios are surely a great investment!